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We provide professional armed or unarmed security guards service in Beverly Hills, CA. Our company offers emergency dispatch services and on-site medical treatments as well. A big advantage of working with us is that we can help you, your staff or audience avoid being wounded during an emergency situation since we have decades of experience managing 24 hour catastrophe security.

Whether it’s a commercial or residential need, security matters.
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Private Security Guards

Our private security guards adhere to a strict code of professional conduct, which means that they keep close communication with officers and other emergency personnel. We can provide assistance in a number of ways, including monitoring security cameras and providing information about security systems installed throughout your building. You can therefore feel assured that your assets are secured 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Armed/Unarmed Security

It is great news if you want to feel safe on the job that we have licensed unarmed and armed security guards on hand. We also train our guards in the use of body armor and other self-defense equipment capable of stopping even serious attacks.

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Mobile Patrol Beverly Hills

Ontyme’s mobile patrol service provides professional and cost-effective patrolling security in Beverly Hills area. In order to design a comprehensive security strategy that will meet your needs while staying within your budget, a member of our management staff will help you to create a patrol route which will provide you with suitable surveillance coverage and safety. We will identify your most susceptible areas, arrange specific checkpoints, and determine a mode of transportation (by foot, bicycle, golf cart, or vehicle).

Event Security

Whether you’re throwing a large event or a smaller one, keeping security tight is a must. We are proud to offer professional event security that will protect your valuables, guard your sensitive information, and keep your guests safe. We provide protection for weddings, concerts, outdoor festivals, private dinners, athletic events, and community gatherings

To hire our event security guards in Beverly Hills, please call us today. All our guards are well qualified, readily available, reasonably priced, and always BSIS-licensed.


We have been guarding businesses in Beverly Hills, professionally, for years. Whether armed or unarmed, all our guards possess the proper security license from the BSIS (Bureau of Security and Investigative Services) and have been screened rigorously, including drug tests and background investigations. Our uniformed guards will ensure that your retail store, lobby, office or any commercial site is secure and free from any danger.

We inspect, patrol, and, if necessary, secure open parking lots, multi-story parking garages, and underground parking structures. Our security officers also issue parking permits, citations, and take care of your customers.

We provide fire watch services at relatively reasonable rates for the Beverly Hills properties. Our security staff is highly trained and fully certified. In addition to our fire watch services, an appointed guard (or guards) will arrive on time, in uniform, and brief you about how to meet your fire safety and security needs.

Our guards will thoroughly scan all potentially hazardous locations throughout the contracted interval, keeping an eye out for any indications of fire or other dangerous circumstances, recording the times they made their rounds in designated logbooks, and remaining ready to call the fire department in the event of a fire or other dangerous scenario.

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Keeping your Beverly Hills location and belongings safe after busy hours is incredibly easy with the help of a professional lock-up and alarm service. A qualified security officer will arrive at your location at a scheduled time to inspect your premises, confirm that all entrances are secured, lock the doors, and activate your alarm. Providing this service around the clock, 24/7, we offer a competitive price for both short- and long-term contracts. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today for a free quote and consultation

Our guards will thoroughly scan all potentially hazardous locations throughout the contracted interval, keeping an eye out for any indications of fire or other dangerous circumstances, recording the times they made their rounds in designated logbooks, and remaining ready to call the fire department in the event of a fire or other dangerous scenario.

Our security services also ensure that people you interact with are sane enough to be dealt with in the first place. Therefore, we provide onsite drug detection and testing so you can feel confident that your staff is not bringing in illicit narcotics to your business. This collaboration with local, state, and federal law enforcement is one of the biggest advantages of our armed security in Beverly Hills area. Additionally, employees receive daily or weekly security updates as well as preventive safety measures. Drug testing is also provided to them.

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What Our Client Says

Mary Caballero
Mary Caballero
Overall we had a good experience with OnTyme Security. Nas was very professional and communicative. He communicated well regarding all that was happening at the property.
Elle Thornton
Elle Thornton
Highly recommend Ontyme Security! Everyone I've worked with there has been friendly and professional and very dependable. We've used them for multiple events and will continue to reach out to them in the future.
King LA
King LA
Ontyme Security is one of the best security companies in California all the guard are active efficient and competent. The supervisor are very cooperative and always available to guide their guard. The operational manager Mr. Nasir is a highly qualified member of this team. Who plays a very important role in keeping the morale of his team always up.
Kelly Murphy
Kelly Murphy
Ontyme Security saved us! We were out of town and our property was under attack in a terrifying residential nightmare. We called Ontyme Security and Nas answered immediately. He instantly recognized the seriousness of our situation and was at our property within an hour. From that moment on, his calm reassurance made us feel our property was safe and protected. Elena, the office manager, treated us with kindness and compassion, helping to make a stressful situation bearable. Either Nas or one of his very qualified associates was at our property 24/7. They had eyes on everything and kept us in the loop at all times. The professional, effective, and intelligent plan Nas coordinated resulted in a safe outcome for both persons and property. We thank Ontyme Security so very much and would highly recommend them for any security need.
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